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Since 1981, Sprinkool Systems International, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing component packages for passive roof mist cooling systems for commercial and industrial facilities (Sprinkool System), trailer-bay units (TrucKool System) and residential buildings (HydroKool System). 

The heat load through the roof is normally overlooked, but its contribution to a building's total heat problem can be a significant factor.  Our systems are designed and programmed to eliminate the solar heat load from entering a structure and reduce the high internal heat loads.  Implementing standard physical principles, Sprinkool, through evaporation of very little water reduces this solar heat load infiltration into a structure.   The flexibility of the system allows it to use essentially any type of roof compatible water (such as city, process, well, gray water, etcetera) thereby virtually eliminating the operational cost of the system.

 December 19, 2014

The Sprinkool System:

The Sprinkool system is designed for larger facilities, ranging from 10k sq.ft. to over 1M sq.ft. (930 sq.m. to over 93k sq.m.) in size.  By incorporating standard sophisticated Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) and Customer Interface Modules (CIM's), maximum cooling can be obtained while minimizing water usage as a result of the phase change of water from a liquid to a gas (evaporation).  For air-conditioned facilities, savings occur with the system reducing the amount of energy, along with the associated cost, required to remove the heat load gained.  Heat is typically removed from structures using  conventional mechanical air-conditioning; the less heat entering a facility, the less energy and energy cost needed to remove the heat gain. 

In facilities where air-conditioning is not feasible, cooling interiors resulting in better work environments are obtained through the use of the system for a fraction of the cost of other types of cooling systems.  The Sprinkool system removes the heat from structures as opposed to fans that simply move the hot air about the interior.    Proposal and Evaluation (P/E) are available for Sprinkool systems only (Sprinkool Survey Form.pdf). 

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The TrucKool System:

Cargo trucks and trailers are essentially metallic solar ovens and during loading and/or unloading, becomes a part of the building.  This results in a significant amount of heat being dumped into the building.  Fans alone are normally used to help shipping and receiving personnel combat the direct problem within the trucks or trailers, but only exacerbate the problem within the facility. It has been estimated that on a warm, summer day, when an empty trailer’s door is opened, some 18,000 BTUs is initially  "unloaded" into the building.

....Sprinkool Systems Int’l., Inc.’s, TrucKool™ misting system will cool and improve the working environment within the vehicles, increase the dock attendants' productivity, while virtually eliminating  the unwanted heat from entering the building, reducing the cooling load imposed on the building’s air-conditioned equipment (5 - 10 Tons of the A/C cooling capacity per trailer).  Tests have shown that the evaporation of 15 gallons of water an hour misted intermittently onto a 40-50+ foot long trailer can decrease the temperature of the interior 20ºF to 25ºF at a cost of less than 3 cents per hour!  Systems are available as individual units with individual controls, multiple units controlled from one controller or may be incorporated into the roof cooling system (the Sprinkool system) controller.


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HydroKool System:

The HydroKool system was developed to reduce the solar heat gain through the roof for homeowners.  For small businesses or larger homes, the system may be expanded (or multiple units may be used) if sufficient water quantity and pressure are available.  In order to maintain an economical price, the controller for the system and the sensor for the roof have been simplified.  These simplifications in the electrical and hydraulical components allow the system to be installed quickly (normally in less than two days).  Each kit includes the control, sensor, supports and all hydraulic materials (with the exception of the tubing, roof adhesive, PVC glue and cleaner due to shipping) needed to cover a standard 2500sq.ft. (232 square-meter) shingle roof-line.

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